Selasa, 28 April 2009

One Shoulder Dress

now i really crazy about one shoulder dress, it's just unique, never get bored about it.
i love it.



When i watched a movie or listened to some songs, i like to write down the text/lyrics when i think it felt like me. so this are the examples:
  • It's gonna take a lot more than a bad deam to scare me off. (Grey's Anatomy)
  • There are no guarantee in life, not for the present nor for the future. (Kate Havenvik- Unlike Me)
  • There is no time, time doesn't really exist. (Kate Havenvik - Unlike Me)
  • I don't have particularity great eyes or a great nose or mouth, but put them all together and it looks good on me.


Dirty Dancing Havana Nights

I wait patiently while you play your game, cause in the end, I'll be the winner all the same. You put your lips very closely to my face. And then you run away and so begins the chase. I'll be the hunter but boy you better pray, cause when i want you, I'll got you anyway. You know what i wanna do, it ain't nothing new. I'm tired of dropping clues, so when I step to you will you rise to my occasion, or will you make me change your station?

*i heart this movie so much, and the Spanish language make it even sexier.


Senin, 27 April 2009

brain head cause dead

my head has been banging for 2 years because this boy, (not only head actually : eyes, heart, hands, everything). And my friend said, he's too shy, so I've to open the step for him. and after I pull my courage to did it, he still standing still like a rock. and i did questioning myself 'what's wrong with me?'. it's a wrong thing to do, in fact I'm not wrong, he is. So now i open my mind, i play like nothing to lose. if he likes me than he will fight for me, if he's not than he doesn't deserve me. so simple.


Asmara Abigail

Hello. I'm Asmara Abigail. Since junior high school my friends at school call me Asbi. I'm new in this blogging world. i never think to make this, but after i saw many many cool blogs out there, so i decided to make one of these. Sorry if my English sucks but I'm pretty sure that you know what I'm talking about. So my friends Marga, Titi, Vina already have this thing like i have now. I'm sure that they have huge thing in they're blog. So today at school i sit with Marga, we talked about the things we have to put in her blog (and my blog soon). i'm pretty excited right now, wait for my next things.