Selasa, 22 Juni 2010

Be Present

I found this amazing tumblr. To all who felt like junk because not having bones please open

Looking perfect is not required. All you have to do is be present. Enjoy yourself, and when the cameras come out, pose however is comfortable to you. Try not to focus on how you look, but how you felt at the time.

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Sabtu, 19 Juni 2010



Day 0

This is my own project for my blog. My new concept for my blog. I challenge myself to post my outfit for Lasalle every single day until my graduation day. So you can see what I am wearing to Lasalle. It’s going to be so fun. Is it going to be fashion disaster or fashion extravagant? Let’s see.

And this is outfit number 0

this is my class by the way, how cool is that?


Lasalle Challenge

Welcome to Lasalle College International Jakarta. This the place where I go for the next 2 years of my college life. Learning about fashion, something that I love, something that I passionate about. Majoring fashion business and soon gonna be a person who rule in fashion world, it's gonna be on me. So today is the open class day so we did our first assignment, which is making a story board called SUMMER CRUSH. it's a group of 3, so Dhea, Ayu, and I did this story board for like 10 minutes. We finished it with full picture on the board. We presented it in front of the class and the teachers thought that it was good. The swimwear line called SUMMER CRUSH for female start from 16 years old to the late 20. The store will be in Bali and the price start from IDR 100.000-300.000.

So please enjoy our SUMMER CRUSH
the extraordinary wearable