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Day 12 (27-08-2010)

The minute you think to giving up,
think of the reason why you held on so long.


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Day 3 (11-08-2010)

my text book for fashion phenomena

Introduction to Planning

Value: Happiness

Vision: I'm going to be decision maker in the fashion world. Whether it's a yes or a no is based on my decision. Where I have to influence other people to do more and make them better than before. and tell to the world of fashion of who they are.

Mission: A decision maker in the fashion world who can give the society the new world of fashion which can give happiness to people. Make people believe that "There's always something beautiful in every imperfection".

Plan B: I'm going to take course and lesson for show jumping judge and become a national or hopefully international show jumping judge from Indonesia and take care of my family stables where my family and I can ride horses for living.

This is what i learn for today. Make plan for your life (value >> vision >> mission and always think of "what if ?" and make Plan B). Dream Big is what Danny Ismanoe says, she's my teacher for introduction to planning subject and I satisfied with my answer.


Day 2 (09-08-2010)