Rabu, 13 Mei 2009

i miss her

bye bye k'pingkan, i already miss you. my big sister already, want to see the proves :
  • at the house, your room next to mine.
  • at the stable, you took care of my babies.
  • on the horse, i look at you as my coach.
  • first time i went out at night, you were there, show me how to act in the night.
  • at my sweet 17th birthday party, you were there and get my party started.
  • at my first show jumping competition 30-50cm, you were there, and i see that you see that you are satisfied as a coach of mine.
  • and don't forgot your quote 'beer is relaxing'.
So I'm still here waiting for you until January 2010 or i can come to Holland or England to meet you.

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