Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

How He Inspired People

His total looks always perfect, he has power to made people believe him by his music.
When we watched him we felt him, we felt his adrenalin in our vein, we felt his feeling in our heart. He created his music, his dance move, and his style. Please see this pictures and you will know how he controls the fashion people all over the world and it will still live after he gone.

Military Jacket + Aviator Sunglasses


Studded Blazer

Michael Jackson


White Blazer

White Shirt, Black Pants

Ashley Olsen

Penny Loafers

Kelly Osbourne, Katie Holmes, Kristen Dunst, Alexa Chung

Bye Michael your creation will always live in our heart.


2 Komentar:

Blogger Fashion-Maverick mengatakan...

Abiiii..i heart the post..hehe..besides a King of Pop.he is also truly a Fashion Icon..hohohoho...

11 Juli 2009 01.30  
Blogger Asmara Abigail mengatakan...

wah thanks bgt mba heidy hihi. ak kaget lho mba heidy baca blog ku hahaha. iy ternyata semua yg lg in di fashion, michael jackson adlh orang yg pertama kl pk haha, ak jg kaget bgt gara2 br nyadar gt.

13 Juli 2009 01.07  

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